A golf outing at Davie Golf Club is as easy as 1: Call us.
For you, there's no 2 or 3. We take care of everything!

Dear Outings Coordinator:

You see it all the time in marketing and advertising: "It's as easy as 1, 2, 3."

Here at Davie Golf, we feel that there's no need for you to go through the "2" and the "3." For you, we make the golf outing as easy as 1: Call us.

You're busy running your office or corporation or charity. If we came to you, we'd expect you to take care of us. So when you call us, we take care of you and your golf outing needs.

We also realize that some golf outing coordinators got that duty because they drew the short straw or were literally out to lunch when the "election" took place! We understand that completely. This is what we do, so we're delighted to do all the work and let you take all the bows!

Your golfers will love the course. Your duffers will love the views.
You'll love the price!

"Great course!...really liked the attitude of the course employees and the humorous signage as well. The course was pretty and the rolling greens were fun too." Lew G

Here at Davie Golf, we like to brag about these things: "Great greens and great value equals great fun!" You'll relish them all when your outing is held here!

Whether you have 12 or 144 in your group, Davie Golf Club in the Ft Lauderdale region is the location for your next golf outing or tournament. Our team will ease the stress of planning your event. Customize your day with our many optional services.

We want your group to feel welcome at our facility. We encourage those interested in more information to fill out our Request Outing Information Form.

Golf really is the crucial component to a successful outing.

Golf is a sport best enjoyed in the company of friends. This year take the opportunity to enjoy the game you love with the people you love. Escape to Davie Golf, where your group will experience a grand time on a fun golf course everyone can enjoy.

Enjoy the friendly competition of your favorite pastime and make long-lasting memories along the way.

Thanks to the aggressive agronomy program established by our agronomoy advisors — our course conditions are good. Any time of year. For your serious golfers, this is music to their ears!

Let's face it, some of your outing attendees are there to get out of the office, to write that tax-deductible check and/or to enjoy a good meal and a few frosty libations. Are these attendees in for a good time here! We make their fun our top priority at Davie Golf.

Maybe most important, you're going to love that your outing comes in on-budget – whatever your budget is. We're experts at squeezing your outing dollars to their maximum "fun coefficient."

The other day I Googled "golf outings." Have you done that yet? "To Do" lists. Checklists. Count-down calendars. Wow, there's a lot to do to put on a successful golf outing. It would make your head spin! Or just take the one-step approach recommended above: call us! You can leave the golf outing planning to us. That's what we do!

If you want it for your outing, the answer is "Yes!"

From the little stuff, like bag check, to the big stuff like hole sponsors and a lunch or dinner and awards presentation — if you want it, it's all a part of our one-step approach.

Once a year you have the chance to impress, reward or raise money with your outing. Trust us to make it an enjoyable day for everyone... Even you!

Don't leave your all-important outing to chance with another club. Davie Golf is staffed by trained experts in ensuring your enjoyment. In fact, we refer to our staff as "Ambassadors of Fun."

Even you can relax at your own outing! You don't have to be a member to hold your outing here. We've opened up Davie Golf for all to hold and enjoy outings here. Please feel welcome!

Ready to plan your best outing ever?
Just give me a call. We'll take it from there!

All the best,
Danny Boswell
(954) 797-4653 | Danny@GreenwayGolf.com

PS: We want our guests to have the time of their lives. Request tournament/outing information today!