At Davie Golf Club we are committed to you, and to your total enjoyment of the facility. We have recently completed a number of improvements to achieve the desired standards of course conditions and best address soil and irrigation concerns remaining from the course remodel.

Recently Completed Improvements | More on the way!

New Premium Paspalum Re-Grassing of Fairways
To continue to improve the golf experience, all fairways have been over planted with a premium and superior Paspalum grass. Utilizing agronomist and turf specialists from Greenway Golf, we have determined Paspalum is better suited for the soil types found at Davie and will provide better density and be more tolerate to the salts in the water. Using the company's 's unique over planting machine, the new Paspalum grass has been planted into soils and the existing Bermuda grass. You can expect to see much improvement of the turf density and a better playing surface. Enjoy!

New Tee Boxes
All tee boxes at Davie Golf Club have been re-sodded and are in excellent condition. Come out and see for yourself!

Practice Facility Upgrades!
New concrete pads with premiere mats have been added for use when the grass is being renewed. High quality Paspalum grass has been installed to give you the best practice experience. Come out and enjoy one of the best and most fun golf practice facilities in South Florida.

Course Improvements Completed:

Cart Paths
Tee to green cart paths have been installed on all Holes 1 -18. The coquina cart paths are designed to give golfers a smoother ride and improve overall turf conditions on the fairways. We ask you to use the new cart paths as much as possible to help create the best playing conditions on the fairways.

Tee to Fairway Chutes
Tee to fairway coquina rock chutes have been installed on Holes #11, 14, 16, and 18 for a smoother transition off the tee, and to reduce turf wear in these areas.

Elimination of Unpopular Bunkers
Our golfers “least favorite” bunkers have been eliminated, giving you a clear shot at the flag , including the center bunker on Hole #1, right bunker on Hole #6, and left bunker on Hole #9.