A golf outing at Davie Golf Club is as Easy as 1: Call Us.
For you, there's no 2 or 3. We take care of everything


Dear Outings Coordinator:

You see it all the time in marketing and advertising: "It's as easy as 1, 2, 3."

Here at Davie Golf Club, we feel that there's no need for you to go through the "2 and 3!" We make your golf outing as easy as 1: Call us.

You're busy running your office or corporation or charity. If we came to you, we'd expect you to take care of us. So when you call us, we take care of you and your golf outing needs.

Your golfers will love the course. Your duffers will love the views. You'll love the price!

Here at Davie, we like to brag about these things: "Great greens, great views and great value equals great fun!" You'll relish them all when your outing is held here!

Maybe most important, you're going to love that your outing comes in on-budget – whatever your budget is. We're experts at squeezing your outing dollars to their maximum "fun coefficient."

Great golf outings made fun! Give me a call at the number below, or fill out form to start the (golf)ball rolling!

The other day I Googled "golf outings." Have you done that yet? "To Do" lists. Checklists. Count-down calendars. Wow, there's a lot to do to put on the successful golf outing. It will make your head spin! Or just take the one-step approach recommended above: call us! You can leave the golf outing planning to us. That's what we do!

If you want it for your outing, the answer is "Yes!"

From the little stuff, like bag check, to the big stuff like hole sponsors and dinner and awards presentation, if you want it, it's all a part of the one-step approach at Davie.

Once a year you have the chance to impress, reward or raise money with your outing. Trust us to make it an enjoyable day for everyone. Even you!

Don't leave your all-important outing to chance with another club. Davie is staffed by trained experts in ensuring your enjoyment. In fact, we refer to our staffers as "Ambassadors of Fun." Your fun – yes, even you can relax at your own outing!

Ready to plan your best outing ever?

Just give me a call. We'll take it from there!

All the best,
The Davie Golf Club Staff
(954) 797-4653

PS: We're easy to get to and convenient for your attendees.

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