How to Get the Best Golf Deals in South Florida During the Winter Season

Many golf courses in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas raise their rates in mid-November because, unlike northern golf courses, Winter is "peak season" in sunny Florida. With tourism so strong in Florida, the golf course operators naturally want to maximize revenue while throngs of visiting golfers are in South Florida. But if you are a local resident who patronizes area courses year-round, do you have to pay the "seasonal" rates that the tourists pay?

You can still benefit from your local residency during "the season" at most golf courses who offer a "local resident" rate that is lower than the non-resident public rate. Usually, you have to reside in the city where the golf course is located to get this discount and be able to show proof of your address. Some courses make available this local resident discount as long as you live in the tri-county area between Miami and Palm Beach. So you should check with the golf course to ask how they define "local resident" before you book your tee time, or you may be in for a surprise at the check-in counter.

Another way to save on golf at public courses during the Winter months is to purchase an annual membership that guarantees you specific discounts throughout the year. Annual memberships make sense for a frequent golf who wants additional amenities like a locker, bag storage, and discounts in the restaurant and pro shop. But if you play only once per week or a few times per month, the typical club annual membership will be an expensive option for you.

Some golf clubs in South Florida offer a "no frills" annual membership that will provide you with lower rates regardless of the time of year. If you just want to golf, without all the expensive amenities, this may be the best option for you. One such golf course is Davie Golf Club in central Broward County. This public course owned by the Town of Davie offers their Loyalty Club Membership for only $139, and you get a free game on the day that you join the program. You get a membership card that, when presented at the golf shop, provides you with a minimum discount of $10 off the public morning rate, no matter what time of year.  This type of "golf only" membership may be the best option for you, and the best way to avoid paying high seasonal rates at South Florida golf courses.

Enjoy the great golf weather from November to April and hit 'em straight!

Contributed by Dave Harris
South Florida Golf Blog
November 15th, 2018


Looking for Summer Camp Activities in the Fort Lauderdale Area?

Davie Golf to Offer Junior Golf Camp for Summer 2019

Davie Golf Club will provide a series of Junior Golf Camps this Summer as part of the Town of Davie’s Summer Youth Golf Program. The program is funded by the net proceeds of the James B. Pirtle Memorial Golf Classic  held annually during the Orange Blossom Festival. The camps will be conducted by the professional staff of Greenway Golf, which manages the course for the Town of Davie.
Davie’s Junior Golf Camps are open to boys and girls age 6 to 17 who want to learn the fundamentals of the sport. No experience is necessary and clubs will be provided to children who don’t have their own set. Each camp will provide 10 hours of professional instruction plus fun and games. Lunch will be provided for each day of camp.
Camps are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 8:30am – 11:30am, on these dates:

June 17th – 20st       Registration deadline: June 14th
July 15th – 18th       Registration deadline: July 12th
August 5th - 8th       Registration deadline: August 2nd

Junior Golf Camp fee is $160 for first child per camp session, and $130 for each additional child in the same family. Optional one-day camp fee is $40.00 per child.
Parents can register their children for the Junior Golf Camps at Davie Golf Club,
8201 Nova Drive, Davie, FL 33324.  Call our golf shop for info: 954-797-4653.
Junior Golf Camp information and registration form also available online at:
Davie Golf Club          8201 Nova Drive, Davie 33324        Ph: 954-797-4653


Summer Golf Leagues Popular in South Florida

Posted Saturday, April 14th, 2018

Thanks to the longer days during the Summer, many golfers in South Florida play in the cooler evening hours. With plenty of daylight up to 8:00 PM, it's possible to get in a round after work at many local courses in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. So local golf facilities have responded to this demand by offering Evening Leauges during the Summer. The leagues usually play once a week and feature a variety of formats, games, and fun activities for the league members. Special "happy hour" drink prices are a popular offering also. Most of these summertime leagues start in May and continue into August. Stats are kept on the players weekly scores ,and prizes and a League Champion trophy are awarded at the end of the season.

One popular local course that has had success with their summer evening league is Davie Golf Club, the municipal course owned by the Town of Davie. Davie Golf Club has offered a Wednesday Night League for the past 5 years with an  average of 30 golfers participating in the after-work fun. In 2018, Davie's league starts on May 2nd and continues into mid-August. League players benefit from a low league registration fee  of only $45  and discounted weekly green fees.  The league season will be capped-off with an special dinner for presentation of the league awards.  Golfers interested in joining the Davie Golf Club "Wednesday League" can find more information at:


Davie Golf is First Course in South Florida with

Davie Golf Club Introduces a New Way to Play

Time-constrained golfers can now pay by the hole

Davie Golf Club is excited to introduce a new way to play the great game of golf – Now, golfers can play and pay for just the number of holes they play, using the app.

“The number one complaint of golfers is they don’t have time to play as much golf as they’d like,” said Davie Golf General Manager, Danny Boswell. “We want golfers to play when they can, as much as they can, even if it is not 18 or even 9 holes. The web app tells golfers when we have available, and all they have to do is show up and play a few holes. They are charged only for the holes they play, all done through the app just like Uber or Lyft. It is very cool and convenient.”

Go to to learn more and register – it is free. When opened, the app will display whether is open for play right now. Check in at the golf shop, show them the web app on your smartphone, and go out and play as many holes as you can, or want.

“We’ll make available at different times, depending on our regular tee time patterns,” Boswell continued. “It could be the last couple of hours of the day, or during the lunch period, or weekend twilight. The web app will tell you when you can come out and play a few holes. It’s that easy – it’s a new way to play.

About Davie Golf Club: Davie Golf Club is a public municipal course owned by the Town of Davie and managed by Greenway Golf Course Management. The course was redesigned by Harrison Minchew and re-opened to the public in November 2011. The golf course offers “the most fun greens” in South Florida and a relaxed attitude with the emphasis on enjoyment of the sport.

About LLC: borrows from Open Table and Uber to bring a new alternative to golf courses that is easy to implement and manage. Pay-by-hole golf is not new, but using technology to promote and generate incremental revenue is. The web app is finding its way to golf courses not afraid to introduce a new way to play, and for golfers to pay.

Where to Find the Best Summer Golf Deals in Fort Lauderdale Area

South Florida Golf Course Issues Summer Rates in Mid-April

Many golf courses in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area wait until May to release their Summer rates, but Davie Golf and Country Club has given local golfers a head start on savings by offering their new Summer rates effective on April 15th. Davie Golf wants to be known as the club offering the best golf deals for the extended Summer season in South Florida, which typically lasts from April through September. Davie Golf has also extended it's midday time period from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM and added a special late Twilight rate starting at 5:00 PM to accomodate Summer golfers. The latest rates at Davie Golf and Country Club can be accessed at:

South Florida golfers can get additional savings with the purchase of Davie Golf's "Loyalty Club Card" for a one time fee of only $59.00 plus tax. Cardholders receive a free round of golf on the day they join the club plus two free drinks. The Loyalty Club Card assures the member of the lowest morning golf rate available at any time of the year. Davie Golf's "Loyalty Club Card" can be purchased at the Golf Shop during regular business hours.

So there is no reason to wait for Summer rates at other courses when you can get them now at Davie Golf and Country. Tee Time reservations can be made online at or by calling the Golf Shop line at 954-797-4653. Practice range also open daily at Davie Golf and Country Club, 8201 Nova Drive, Davie, FL 33324